Caricaturists for Hire in Kelowna: A Visual Art of Expression and Exaggeration

Caricaturists for Hire in Kelowna, caricature are a form of art made of humor and comics with an entertaining approach. These are certain comical illustrations of individuals with situations that always captivate people’s attention.

Caricatures by Monte is an amazing platform where you can have your imagination portrayed on paper with perfection. Monté Barwick is a professional caricaturist with all the potential to turn your dreams into reality with penstroke.

Monte is available for special occasions like conventions, office functions, birthday parties, weddings, etc to give your guest a comic illustration.

Let’s understand these drawings with a better perspective here:

Techniques and Styles Of Caricature

Till now we have already understood that caricature is nothing but a unique art that portrays an individual or a situation in a satirical form.

This art can compliment or insult someone’s individuality and showcase a national issue with a political approach. Moreover, caricature art needs focus and imaginative thought to have the best output.

Some techniques that caricaturist follows in there portraits:

Thoughtful Imagination On The Subject: Thinking and brainstorming deeply about the topic will give certain clarity before attempting to draw a caricature. Think about exaggerating the eyebrows, or the bulging nose, or doing a different hairstyle.

A Rough Sketch: Lightly draw roughly and highlight the important imaginations. It will be the foundation of your caricature drawing.

Exaggerating Features: Certain features that you believe should be exaggerated could be the cheeks, the eyes or any other prominent part that defines the character comically.

Adding Details: After this, just give the final approach to the drawing with colors or fill the drawing with pencil strokes. The rest is up to the artist on how he can give the final touch to the caricature drawing.

Visit our photo gallery page to find some amazing drawings where you can take some ideas from our portraits. We are just a phone call away, don’t hesitate to call us and place your order today.