10 years of drawing Ogopogo on the Beach, City Park Kelowna

Ogopogo is the famous local legend of a giant sea-monster that lives in the bottomless lake and appears now and then but is rarely photographed. Rumour has it the City of Kelowna has offered a $2,000,000.00 reward for an authentic picture. Monté thinks he’s fun to draw and most people want him included in their souvenir caricature. For more than 10 summers now Monté has had the privilege of drawing a variety of characters from all around the world in Kelowna British Columbia Canada. The scenic boardwalk along Lake Okanagan and agreeable climate makes a perfect place for an ‘office in the park’. Besides playing banjo between busy times he also performs yo-yo tricks for his own amusement and for the passers-by. The Song was recorded with Mike Leveck and Bob Wager by MICA Music in Kelowna a few years ago. So if the song fits… make a video